Announcing Pro DJ accounts – empowering labels and enriching the recipient experience

Over the past 7 years we have strived to innovate, adapt, and improve the process of pre release promo for labels and recipients alike. Today marks a major milestone in both our journey as a company and also the narrative of pre release promotion. Our team has witnessed the progression of music promotion from fax promo sheets right through to today’s technology allowing us to mark files, identify leaks and even listen to promos without an internet connection (more on that later).  Music, technology & promotion exist in a constantly evolving relationship, and once again we are on the front line saying, “Let’s push things forward”.

Introducing…..Pro DJ accounts

How can we improve promotion for labels and PR companies? What if we enabled recipients to really support record labels?  The new Pro DJ account effectively flips the promo ecosystem upside down, creating a new dynamic where Pro DJs can directly support the labels that send them promos. For a small monthly fee, Pro DJs subsidise label’s promo campaigns, breathing new life into label’s budgets whilst giving DJs the chance to directly give back to the labels they love. Welcome to the fairer future of digital music promotion.

New FATdrop apps

We are also announcing new mobile apps, available now on iOS and Android. The apps are free and allow an improved, native promo experience for recipients. Users receive notifications of new promos straight to their phone, making promos more visible, and the interface has been fully optimised for a better mobile experience.

Offline sync

Pro DJs enjoy a fully syncable promo inbox, including playback and download functionality, even when their device is out of signal or offline. DJs with hectic schedules can now engage with new music at their convenience, no longer dictated to by poor connectivity or lack of WiFi. This is expected to lead to improved engagement and in turn, more considered feedback on promos for labels.

We have always tried to look at the multi faceted world of digital promotion from a progressive, innovative, label-orientated viewpoint, and we are very happy to be launching this next step.

Install the FATdrop app for iOS.
Install the FATdrop app for Android.

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