Big FATdrop news: Bamboo released

We don’t usually blow our own trumpet here on FATblog, but today we’ve got some big news, and we want to share it with you. After 6 months of hard programming, and some serious beta testing, we’re very proud to be unveiling Bamboo.

Bamboo is the latest version of FATdrop, our tool that lets record labels and promotion companies manage their pre-release music promotion. With a brand new interface and shiny new promos, Bamboo includes some major upgrades that will make promo campaigns even easier for you to create, track and analyse.

New features include:

  • New-look promos. The player has been rebuilt to make it even easier for DJs and press to leave feedback, and more flexible for you to set up. There’s no longer such a DJ-specific focus, so you can send promos to press, DJs, radio and any other industry contacts you need to share your pre-release music with
  • More flexible feedback. In response to client requests, you can choose whether people have to leave feedback or if they can just grab tracks for free. And there are now three different types of feedback to choose from
  • Bamboo promo designer. You can now add your own branding and artwork yourself, creating promos that look and feel like part of your label
  • Extra files. Send more than music! You can now add other files to your promos, so you can include artwork, press releases and even video downloads all in one place
  • New analytical tools: instantly see average ratings for a track, favourite tracks, abandoned downloads, and much more.

We’re really pleased to get Bamboo out into the world. With this version we’ve basically rebuilt the entire FATdrop system, which means that it’s more streamlined and robust than ever before. It’s going to be really easy for us to add to, and we’re about to start work on several projects that we’re very excited about (after we’ve finished toasting Bamboo, and got some sleep!).

Anyway, enough of what we think of our own brilliance – you can get a first look at Bamboo by taking the tour, or click here if you would like to see an example of a Bamboo promo in your inbox. We’d love to hear what you think.

All the best,

FATdrop team

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