Hints & Tips for creating a Journalist friendly FATdrop promo: As the blog says… Give em what they want!

Our recent research has given us a clearer picture of what journalists require from digital promo. By following these simple guidelines you could be taking a step closer to what the press are calling for…

Get organised – Use the Mailing Lists panel to create a new list for your journalist contacts. This will make it easy to send a custom campaign containing the relevant information to them. It may even be worth taking the time to split them further into Print, Online, Blog etc so you can target the different groups separately.

Make the email subject clear and directed – Journalists expect you to go the extra mile, so make them aware that you have created a specific campaign to meet their needs (i.e. not just as part of your mailout to DJʼs, friends, neighbours etc). When your promo is delivered the first thing anyone sees is the email subject, so make it obvious that itʼs aimed at them.

Turn off ‘Forced Feedbackʼ – Your required feedback from a journalist should come in the form of a review, article or blog, not a ‘comment‘ following a single streamed listen. Allow them access to the downloads quickly and easily so they can write nice things about your music in their own time. Making the files available as a ZIP will also give you more chance of the recipient taking all the tracks away with them.

Include full artwork & liner notes – Journalists want the same experience from a digital promo as they get from a CD or Vinyl. Make files such as artwork, photographs, liner notes, press releases (plus anything else you feel relevant to accompany the release) available as misc downloads.

Use the ‘Unique linkʼ feature to target key people – This will generate a link to your promo that can be sent through your own email client or instant messenger allowing you to personalise the content of the email to each recipient. This adds a personal touch that so many journalists have flagged up as being a major incentive for them to listen to your music.

Making these few simple changes to your campaign may help your music get into the right ears, and it should only take minutes to edit your standard DJ campaign to do so.

The easiest way to do this is to use the Copy Campaign feature to duplicate your promo and follow the steps above to create your Journalist Friendly version.

If you would like any help using the features listed or want to discuss our research findings please get in touch by using the messaging system, sending us an email or giving us a call on +44 (0)845 226 3726.

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