Do you love receiving promos, but worry about losing them in your busy email inbox? Wouldn’t it be convenient to quickly access all your promos in one place with one click?

FATdrop are pleased to announce that we are adding a social login to your dashboard so you can do just that!

If you have received a promo from a label using FATdrop, you can now access your own personal recipient dashboard containing every promo you have been sent in one place. Once you have verified your email address and accessed the dashboard, you will have the option to link your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ logins for future visits. Linking a social network lets you to reach your dashboard with just one click on the corresponding icon – it’s the fastest way to access all your promos all at once.

Follow these steps to set up one-click access:

1) Click here to get started
2) Access your account with your confirmation email
3) Click on the top right navigation button
4) Visit the ‘My Profile’ page
5) Link to social networks from the ‘Link Up’ box

As a dashboard user, you get all the benefits of fast promo viewing, listening, feedback submission, and downloading. You can quickly flick from one promo to the next to hear all the latest tracks without missing a beat. Choose to browse promos individually across all labels, or check out the releases from each of your subscriptions. Save yourself the time it would take to search through your emails for new promos, and don’t risk overlooking an amazing track.

Take the step from checking emails to one click dashboard access and efficient listening.
Getting all your promos just got easier!

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