FATdrop adds free layer to leading pre-release promo platform

FATdrop, experts in pre-release music promotion, add a new, subscription-free layer to their industry-leading platform.

Contact: Mai Harper; mai@fatdrop.co.uk  +49 30 899 935 84

Berlin, 5th August, 2014 – FATdrop enters the next phase of the rollout of their innovative platform, FATdrop 5.0. Available under the new “Essential” price plan, FATdrop 5.0 is accessible to labels and PR companies without the monthly subscription fee that is required for other FATdrop services.

In an age of information overload, it has become increasingly challenging for record labels to get their music in front of influential industry players. FATdrop 5.0 initiates a conversation between record labels and music professionals, by letting labels and their PR companies share information about music they plan to release. This is done via Cues—packets of information including text, artwork and snippets of tracks, that users can access by visiting a Label Page. Users can also follow labels to be notified about every planned release.

FATdrop 5.0 helps labels build hype around a release, delivering Cues to a highly targeted audience. The platform allows labels and PR companies to gauge interest in releases like never before, and adapt dynamically to optimise promotional campaigns. FATdrop 5.0 also features an advanced label recommendation engine, which makes suggestions to users based on their music preferences and activity within the platform. Through this innovative feature, labels and PR companies are served a ready-made captive audience.

Running in parallel with FATdrop’s industry-leading paid pre-release promo service, FATdrop 5.0 is available free of charge to all existing FATdrop clients. New labels and PR companies are subject to FATdrop’s standard vetting procedure, which includes a one-off sign-up fee. Thereafter, access to FATdrop 5.0 is completely free.

“The rollout of FATdrop 5.0 and the new Essential plan represents a key moment in the evolution of FATdrop as a company”, says founder Alex Stacey. “We believe in putting the record label at the centre of the music industry, and see this platform as a step towards empowering labels and improving the process of pre-release music promo.”

Existing FATdrop clients can access FATdrop 5.0 by simply logging in to their account. Interested labels and PR companies can apply for an account. Applications are subject to FATdrop’s standard vetting procedure and a one-off sign-up fee of £50.

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