It’s simpler and smoother than ever to send campaigns from FATdrop

You asked: we listened. Our all new Campaign Editor features drag & drop uploading, audio tag hints, a simple watermarking switch, and longer subject lines.

FATdrop’s goal is to provide the best tools for promoting your releases. We’re a small team, and that means we can be fully in tune with what our clients want, and respond accordingly.

In our latest update, we’ve improved both the Files area and Campaign Editor. (Many thanks to those who participated in our beta testing).

Here’s what’s new:

The revamped Campaign Editor is now just one page, with simple navigation that makes it much faster and easier to create and edit campaigns. Central to the Campaign Editor is the new tracklist builder. You can now add multiple tracks to a campaign at once, making it quick and easy to build tracklists.

Recipients love well-tagged audio files. With that in mind, we made a change to the tracklist builder to allow really simple inline id3 tag editing. The artist and title fields from your tracks are now used in the campaign by default too, meaning you can quickly tag your downloads before sending promos.

We’ve added drag & drop uploading too, meaning you can drag in tracks, packshots and misc files from your computer to upload them to your campaigns.

Plus, you no longer need to pick separate files for streaming and downloading. Simply set your download quality and we take care of the rest. Watermarking is now a campaign-wide setting – and you can switch it on with one swift click.

We’ve also added a bunch of smaller improvements based on client feedback. A lot of clients have asked for longer email subject lines, so they now go up to 120 characters. Recipients told us that they like to know when audio is going to play, so we have removed the auto-play option from promos.

In addition to the Campaign Editor, we’ve redesigned the Files page. It’s much faster, especially for clients with large numbers of files. There’s also a new search box to quickly find files.

We hope you like these updates and, as always, we’re happy to hear your feedback.

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