New anti-piracy partner MUSO

We have teamed up with leading anti-piracy provider MUSO and have a very special deal for FATdrop clients.

“Pre-release leaks are bullshit. We provide our clients with the tools to send out their pre-release campaigns securely and know that if it leaks, we can identify the individual that leaked it. Now with this MUSO link up, we are also able to get leaks taken down quickly and efficiently before they get out of hand. We’re very impressed with how the MUSO software works and are happy to be able to offer it to our clients.” Says FATdrop founder Alex Stacey.

MUSO’s crawler searches the web for people sharing your music and displays reports of any files it finds. If files are found, you can issue legal take-down notices to have files and links removed. It is a great addition to our security suite.

Under the special deal, FATdrop clients get 8 weeks of free anti-piracy searching for each of their promo campaigns. If the searches find shared files and the client wishes to send take-downs, they can do that for £5.00 per month for Singles and EPs and £12.50 per month for LPs. Both prices include an unlimited number of take-downs within that month. The special deal is available to paid FATdrop accounts initially but we hope to extend that to Essential accounts too in the coming months.

Other News and Updates

A number of other updates are also happening as we continue to streamline the platform in the lead-up to the public launch of FATdrop 5.0:


We have just added Dropbox support to FATdrop promos. That means when a DJ is browsing promos on their phone, they can easily save downloads to their Dropbox account, and then pick up the tracks when they next connect with their computer.

Attract more followers

Label pages in FATdrop 5.0 provide a great way for people to stay up to date with forthcoming releases. We have added a new way to get more followers on your label pages. When a recipient receives a promo, after they have downloaded tracks, a banner is displayed at the top of the page inviting the recipient to follow that label. Clients can configure whether to display these on their promos.


We are replacing VideoVirals in the coming months with the new Cue Videos. They look much cleaner and the interface makes it super easy to make professional video clips of tracks.

Flash Player

We are removing the option to use our old flash promo player. The newer player is faster, looks better, and has great support across browsers and devices so we have decided not to spend further development time maintaining the old player.

Please get in touch if you want any more info on any of the items mentioned here.

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