New Site Update with lots of UI improvements

We‘ve just launched a new site update packed with new features, all hand-picked from our Ideas Room (an ever-growing list of feature requests from users of the FATdrop service). The update has a lot of improvements to usability of the site and we wanted to explain some details of how they work and what they offer.

Redesigned sending interface

We‘ve rebuilt the promo sending interface from the ground up. Previously you had to add recipients to a mailing list before sending to them, then remember which list they were on, find them in the list, then send. All in all, a bit of a pain. With the new interface you can:

  • simply start typing a name or email and see auto-complete suggestions.
  • pick people from your mailing lists without having to leave the page.
  • type new email addresses in and add them to a mailing list all in one step.
  • get a fully-styled, editable preview of your promo emails.

New email spam checker

We run your promo emails through a popular spam filter to score them, and report back anything that doesn‘t look right. We have always gone to great lengths to avoid spam filters because we know how important deliverability is, and this should improve things further. It will also give you a hint that if your next release is called “V1AGRA”, that you might want to consider a different name!

Managing access & Sending from your own email client

Sending from your own email client has been possible for quite some time but the interface was cumbersome and in order to use it, you had to be one of the 5 people in the world that knows how to do a “mail-merge“. We decided to improve this by adding a new “Manage Access“ page (which you can get to via the “more“ menu in your campaigns list).

From this page, you can grant people access without sending a promo email. You can also block access to people if you no longer wish them to be able to access the promo.

When you grant people access, you will be shown a list of email addresses that you can paste straight into the bcc: field of your own email client. (Make sure you use the bcc: field and not the cc: field or you will be sharing your list with all your contacts!). There is also a single link that everyone with access can use to download your promo.

Alternatively, you may decide not to email some people at all. You can just grant them access and let them get your promos through the recipient dashboard at

Updated Recipient pages

Go to your mailing lists and click on a recipient. Like before, you can see all the activity for that recipient, but we?ve now added a way to manage which campaigns that recipient has access to. Simply check the boxes of any campaigns you want them to have and uncheck any you don?t and click “update“. They will then be able to access all of your campaigns by visiting their recipient dashboard at

We hope you like the new updates!

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