Skint Records partners with FATdrop for digital promos

Seminal dance label slashes promo costs by going digital; makes sure promos get to DJs on the road

Skint will be using FATdrop’s digital promo service to send pre-release music to DJs, broadcasters and reviewers, replacing costly and time-consuming CD or vinyl mail outs.

Digital is a much more efficient way of distributing pre-release music; “It will take us a couple of minutes to send out a digital promo, compared to a good few hours to mail several hundred CDs,” explains Andy Mckirdy, Skint Records. “It’s going to save us a huge amount of time.”

FATdrop’s service lets record labels and promotion companies manage digital promo campaigns in-house, keeping complete control of the look and feel of each promo and ensuring they act as an extension of the brand. Skint will be able to easily create, manage, send and monitor promotions all in one place; slashing promo production costs, mail out costs and time spent chasing contacts.

FATdrop’s service takes the pain out of collecting and evaluating reactions to a new release. With FATdrop reports, record labels and promoters can quickly see how many people have received and downloaded a promo, how many clicks each promo has had, and the feedback it’s received.

To date, Skint sent out new releases through physical promotional companies or mailed out CDs or vinyl in-house, using digital only when asked. However, over the last eighteen months the amount of DJs requesting downloads has increased, and it now makes sense for them to switch over. Andy explains,“we’ve been getting feedback from across the board that DJs and reviewers prefer digital; for DJs it means they get a track instantly wherever they are in the world, and for reviewers, it’s one less CD to rip.”

“FATdrop is over the moon to be working with industry legends, Skint Records,” says Chris Gorsuch, director and co-founder, FATdrop. “They helped put Brighton on the map for dance music, and we look up to them as an innovative local label with a worldwide presence.”

The first promo Skint will send out through FATdrop will be Detboi’s debut single for Skint ‘Jump Up Jump Down’.

For more information please contact Kate Lawson: press at fatdrop dot co dot uk / +44 (0)1273 620 884

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